If you’re like me, you’ve seen the homeless man or woman in the city or on the side of the road and you wonder, how did they get to where they are?  Why are they homeless?

I can’t speak for every homeless person you see, everyone has a different circumstance.  But let me give you a scenario from my own recent experience.  A few months ago I started having what could best be described as short term memory loss.  At first I thought I was just not paying enough attention.  But it gradually became worse until I was unable to work.  With the help of family and doctors I’m back to normal now.

Now let’s change my scenario.  I started having short term memory loss that slowly got worse.  I had no wife or family nearby to help me get the help I needed.  I forget to go to work or can’t do the job once I get there.  I lose my job.  No money for doctors or medications.  I lose my house.  Now I’m homeless and because of the memory loss I can’t function well enough to get the help I need.  So here I am.  Homeless, in need of medications I can’t afford, and not functioning well enough to help myself.  No alcohol or drugs were involved.  Just a medical problem that I did not understand and could not fix.

This is the mission of Church on the Street and other organizations like it.  To help those that otherwise would have no help.

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