As I have previously written, there is a war going on between the city of Atlanta and its partners with the Metro Atlanta Taskforce for the Homeless.  It is mean and ugly.  The Taskforce just filed papers with the Fulton County Superior Court against the city for, among other things, trying to illegally and immorally close them down.  Here’s the press release from the Taskforce:

July 31, 2009

Today the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless announces its lawsuit filed on July 29, 2009, against the City of Atlanta for interfering with the organization’s ability to raise funds and operate its emergency services for homeless men, women and children in the city.

“It’s high time we sought relief from the pattern and practice of harrassment of the Task Force, its emergency overflow and support services facility at Peachtree-Pine and against specific individuals who lead this organization in its powerful work,” said Board Chairman Bob Cramer.

“The harrassment and interference began seriously in 1994 and has gotten progressively worse, taking its toll on our funding,” reports Executive Director Anita Beaty. “We thank Steve Hall and the incredible team at the law firm of Baker Donelson for their skill and commitment to bring this case forward. We have waited a long time to shine the light on the harmful campaign that has damaged not only this agency but also homeless people.”

The Task Force works daily to serve over 600 homeless people with deep support services that included housing 1,500 people in permanent housing last year alone. On average the agency shelters 574 people each night, many of whom need only a job or cheaper housing to get on with their lives. Those people with deeper needs are offered services from assistance with identification to addiction treament and medical help.

The case will be heard on September 21 in Fulton County Superior Court.

Anita Beaty, Executive Director: 404-729-5366
Bob Cramer, Board Chairman: 404-259-7527
Steve Hall, Attorney: 404-808-1050

Here is the link to the complaint.  What is most interesting to me, if this is true, is not that the city and businesses want the shelter closed down, but the lengths they would go to do it and how they partner together with the city newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, to do it.  Extremly bothersome about the press being in cahoots.  Stay tuned to September 21st.

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