By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator


Last year after some intense incidents in our neighborhood a group of neighbors had the idea of doing a prayer walk through the community. I was encouraged to go to the Christian book store near by and buy some oil to anoint each street as we walked and prayed.

These are some of the awesome people that started to gather monthly at the top of our neighborhood to walk and pray.


Every month for past year we as the body of Christ in the South Atlanta neighborhood have been gathering to do a prayer walk through our community. It’s been neat to see the Spirit move in organic ways through connecting neighbors, growing in deeper relationships with each other and see the gospel being lived out on the street level.

Our purpose is three fold; 1) Gather as the body of Christ in our neighborhood. This is not about one church taking the credit or trying to control the program, it’s about followers of Jesus in our neighborhood coming together. 2) Pray for the neighborhood. We as Christians believe in the power of prayer and that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of this world. 3) Connect with each other and neighbors.


One month after everything happened in Charlottesville we stopped on the street, talked,  lamented and listened as a sister in Christ poured out her heart about the weight of sin and the racism she feels. We then prayed together and it was beautiful.


Prayer 3

It’s been organic and very spirit led as we walk down the main street in our neighborhood and stop at every cross street praying for that particular part of the neighborhood. There have been many times that as we’ve walked that neighbors will organically start connecting and talking with each other and realize that they live just down the street from one another. This is what happened below.

Josh - Prayer walk

One week the amazing women of Gammon Ave, Brenda and Cynthia made us a huge feast in the South Atlanta Park that was delicious.

Prayer - dinner

Our daughter Karis made one of the sweetest signs ever one month when we gathered at our house and this is the picture on the featured image.


So, if you live in the South Atlanta neighborhood and would like to join us for the monthly prayer walks, please email me at and I will add you to the monthly email list.


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