My wife, Jodi, and I were down at the park with the rest of the crew this weekend for Saturdays on the Street.  We were all standing around at the park steps where all of the normal drug trade takes place and I noticed Jodi a few steps away talking to who I thought was one of our homeless friends.  He actually was a guy who had been stranded downtown by his friends and couldn’t get home.   I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but Jodi told me about the conversation later.  Here’s how it goes:

Man:  You guys have an interesting psychology.

Jodi:  psychology?

Man:  Yes, like reverse psychology.

Jodi:  What do you mean?

Man: It’s like you guys walk in and a light pushes out all of the dark.  You know what I mean.  You don’t tell everybody what they shouldn’t be doing, but those people clear out.  You know what I mean.  You know what I’m talking about.

Jodi: Yes, I know what you mean.

What this man saw as an outsider was that when the light of Christ walked in the darkness had to flee.  We didn’t need to say anything or really do anything.  We just walked into the park as representatives of Jesus and everything changes.  The drug dealers and others that are up to no good recognize us as Christ’s representatives and they run to escape the light.  Leaving behind those ready to be shown the love of Jesus.


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