In it’s simplest form, here is the mission of Church on the Street: Living For And With Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors.  So who are the most vulnerable?  If you know anything about our mission you know that the homeless are near the top of the list.  But our mission goes further than that.

Here is the definition of vulnerable: capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.  So, are the homeless the only ones that fit this definition?  Absolutely not.  All of us are vulnerable in some way at some time.

That is the true mission that each of us have as children of God.  To reach and show God’s love to those around us who are hurting.  Those who have been knocked down and need some help getting back up.  Jesus did not die to save us so that we could just coast through the rest of our days until it’s time to go home.  We, as followers of Jesus, are tasked with the job of showing his love to everyone else.  The same way he gave all for us, we do the same for the lost and hurting.

It is our goal at Church on the Street to live this mission and to train others to do the same.


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