As the recent arctic blast pummels most of the U.S., Atlanta has not been spared. Although not as severe as other cities in the north, the 5 degree weather is too cold for anyone to be in for any extended period of time. The wind is bitter and cuts right through to the bone. Thus we have not seen as many men and women hanging out in their regular haunts. In fact, “Jurassic Park” has been nearly empty for most of the day. (“Jurassic Park” is the name given to Renaissance Park in the Old 4th Ward of Atlanta due to the vast primitive activities that take place there, such as prostitution, drug dealing and using, gambling, etc.)

It’s not that the homeless have all found homes, it’s that they are desperate to find space where they can stay as warm as possible and literally survive through the night. When our lives are on the line, we can all be creative. So, wherever you are today in the world, pay close attention to those you drive by on the streets. Look down the alley ways and in the door ways. Offer a blanket, hat, gloves, socks, a coat, a warm cup of coffee, a call to a shelter, a room at a hotel. You can always call 211 (the United Way hotline) or 911 if you are unsure about approaching someone or the situation looks desperate. A person’s life just may depend on it.

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