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We build communities of peace
by accelerating belonging and flourishing.

Here’s how we do it:



We cultivate relationships and networks across social-divisions and sectors to join lives and strengthen communities.



We provide learning opportunities that help leaders and teams to be more effective, creative, and collaborative.



We partner with mission-driven leaders to create solutions that contribute to flourishing communities.

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New Coffee Hours!

Joining lives is at the heart of everything Remerge does. For this reason, we are excited to announce that “Coffee & Donuts” is now held


Join our community of changemakers.

Community Building Studio

A place for community stakeholders to work together in solving specific challenges hindering belonging and flourishing in community. We offer a variety of programs through our studio…

Reimagine Solutions

Direct support from our creative team in applying rapid design and systems thinking processes to your organizational or community building challenges.

Entrepreneur Support

Providing support to individuals and organizations building new solutions that contribute to the flourishing of the neighborhood. Through a series of workshops, bootcamps, and one-on-one coaching, the Community Building Studio supports individuals and organizations in articulating their vision, understanding their communitys needs and opportunities, defining an action plan, and taking real steps towards professionally and economically empower themselves, their communities, and the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. 


  • A series of open, recurring workshops to support solution makers 
  • Business and entrepreneurship coaching (individual and small group) 
  • Incubator Bootcamp for those launching new initiatives 

  • Accelerator Bootcamp for those seeking to scale an existing solution or business  

  • Social capital, strategic networking, referrals to additional resources in Atlanta   

The REMERGE Institute

We provide formative learning experiences where students translate Christian thinking into community-centered action. We offer a variety of in-person opportunities… 

Education & Training

We serve Christian education institutions, churches, and individuals by exploring current critical issues through the lens of reconciliation to build communities of peace. We provide experiential (in-person) learning through: 

  • Courses 
  • Workshops 
  • Internships 
  • Research/consulting 

Neighborhood Tours

For organizations looking to engage in Sweet Auburn, this customizable walking tour provides an orientation to the unique context of the neighborhood.

Immersion Experience

Our 1-, 3-, and 5-day crash courses on joining lives. Learn mindsets and practical skills, and establish an action plan for developing reciprocal relationships and engaging in the practical work of reconciliation.


An expansive community of creatives intentionally shaping place and culture through the arts.


Giving Grace

A community of committed donors that serves community members that have acute needs which threaten them with displacement and the loss of meaningful connections.


Community of Reconcilers

A group of like-minded Christians from multiple sectors committed to the life and work of reconciliation across racial, cultural, and economic divides.


Arts & Culture

Exploring themes affecting the flourishing of Sweet Auburn both past and present, we provide educational and experiential creative opportunities to engage with the storied past of this historical neighborhood as well as contribute to its future.


Sweet Auburn Community Connections

We work closely with Giving Grace and Color ATL to address critical needs that may lead to a disconnect from community and to support wellness and creative expression.


Launchpad: Business Coaching for Women

Our Launchpad Program supports economically vulnerable female entrepreneurs around Atlanta, who are ready to take their small businesses or side hustles from surviving to thriving.


Friends of REMERGE

We work closely with Giving Grace and Color ATL to address critical needs that may lead to a disconnect from community and to support wellness and creative expression.