Tuesday (6/15) marks the beginning of our concerted effort to lovingly and consistently confront the drug dealers and addicts that live in our community. Although they generally accept us as part of the community and some even appreciate us, our direct effort to interact with them during peak “business” hours en masse will inevitably lead to negative reactions. In fact some have already indicated their displeasure with a few of our regular activities and we have not even begun to use large numbers of volunteers…until now.

We need your prayer support. No matter what programs and practices we come up with, the evil that enslaves our community “cannot come out by anything but prayer” (Mark 9:29). We need you to pray that we would authentically love our difficult neighbors and also that we would have wisdom, courage and safety as we interact with them. Please also pray for those we interact with, that they would be ready to receive Christ’s love that can free them from their enslavement and that they would see themselves as lovable and worthy.

Please stop and say a prayer for us now and, if you are willing, commit to pray for us as the summer progresses.

Thank you for your love and support.

Serving the Vulnerable,
Pastor Andy

If you would like to volunteer you can call (770) 634-1122 or email info@churchonthestreet.com. We also need basic essentials like socks, t-shirts, and travel size hygiene items as well as financial support. Donations can be made online or sent to Church on the Street, P.O. Box 54717, Atlanta, GA, 30308. Packages can be sent to 530 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 210, Atlanta, GA, 30308.

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