I wish we didn’t have the word homeless in our vocabulary.  Obviously, I wish it was because homelessness didn’t exist, but since it does I wish there was another way to describe it.

The word homeless creates mental images.  Whether we like it or not, when you or I hear the word homeless, we get a picture in our mind.  Mine usually goes to the typical movie image of a wino laying in an alley begging for change.  It comes from the movies and tv shows I’ve seen I guess.  But it’s not a true image.

In order to truly care about the homeless I think we have to look beyond the title that’s been applied.  Homeless is just a living situation.  It doesn’t describe the person.  There is a real living, breathing, created in God’s image, person behind the name.  They are the same as each of us.  Different paths and different struggles, but at the heart they are the same.

In our mission to reach out to the homeless, I think we have to start by looking past the title and seeing the heart.  I will be praying that God will allow me to see through his eyes and not my own flawed view.


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