Church, it’s time to suffer together

Church, it’s time to suffer together

Church, it’s time to suffer together

By Dan Crain; Pastor, trainer and connector for REMERGE     Church, it’s time to suffer together   It feels as if I have been doing a lot of suffering lately, particularly with my brothers and sisters of color who follow Jesus. I’ve been on this journey of racial reconciliation for over ten years now. […]

Hello, my name is Dan and ………..

Hello, my name is Dan and ………..

By: Dan Crain, REMERGE connector and pastor. This is a blog in a series from the content, Loving Freely     Hello, my name is Dan and I am a recovering co-dependent.   I didn’t have language for it until ten years ago. I just knew something wasn’t quite right. I found myself constantly helping […]


By Shawn McHargue; friend of REMERGE and Co-Founder and Lead Technical Instructor at the Automotive Training Center.     The words that come to mind when I explain how my life feels these days are; light, full, and free. And I love it!   But my life would never have been described like that in the past…I […]

We belong to one another…

By Michelle Witherspoon, South Atlanta Community Facilitator   We belong to one another… This picture was a gift to me on Valentine’s day this year from one of our youth group leaders. It hangs on my wall as a beautiful reminder that we belong to one another here. Growing up in a rural part of […]

We are family

By Christy Carr Betz, Director of the Giving Grace program of REMERGE.   The community of REMERGE has blessed my life so much. When I first started my journey to joining my life with those on the margins I was very timid at even interacting with people that have now become my friends. I would […]

I got this

By Dan Crain; REMERGE Pastor and Connector   We’ve been in our beautiful neighborhood, South Atlanta for almost seven years now. Six years ago a close personal friend that mentored us into the work we are doing suggested I read Pete Scazzero’s book; Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. I am not sure why he recommended I read […]

Loving Freely – I receive that

By Dan Crain; Pastor and connector within the REMERGE community from the Loving Freely content.   Best friends can be instigators. Best friends are supposed to play pranks on each other. At least this was the case fifteen years ago with my best friend from college, Mark. I flew into Grand Rapids, MI to spend […]

The three-mile an hour God

By Dan Crain   Seven years ago when we moved to Atlanta to join Christ in his work in the reconciliation of all things, a veteran of ministry, Dale Cross suggested I read a book; “Three Mile an Hour God” by Kosuke-Koyoma. Dale was instrumental with FCS of developing the Community Chaplain program that was […]

I Was Just Tired

By Sylvia Broome; REMERGE Community Facilitator. You can reach Sylvia at:     My friends are an interracial couple with two beautiful daughters.  The other night they asked me to babysit their daughters.  It was the first time I ever had babysat them and I felt honored.  It’s a beautiful thing to be entrusted […]

Welcoming the stranger and joining lives

  By; Sylvia Broome, Central Atlanta Community Facilitator     The other day our REMERGE Art was meeting at Krispy Kreme, our place of choice during cold and rainy weather.  We were enjoying donuts and hot coffee, sharing stories and coloring in the ArtAtl coloring books given to us by William Massey, our staff art […]