Making Decisions With

Making Decisions With

By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator How do we know reconciliation is happening? One indicator is that you make decisions “with” those on the margins. A great example of this is the amazing people, particularly Stacy Brungardt and Rob Irvine at Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna. Stacy runs The Collective at Cumberland, a collection […]

What’s so good about Good Friday?

By Allen Hoskyn, a member of our team of reconcilers in Lawrenceville, GA and the Director of Impact 46 an organization committed to transforming cities into places of refuge and strength for the glory of God. I picked him up on Friday from the alternative school.  He strode across the parking lot, his hair long and […]

The Ministry of Reconciliation

By Sylvia Broome, Central Atlanta Community Facilitator  (adapted from a talk Sylvia did at the Reimagining Homelessness Conference)   God is reconciling the world unto himself. He is drawing us back into a right relationship with Him through Christ’s death and resurrection. For many Christians this is where it stops, a sole focus upon our personal reconciliation […]

Welcome Aboard!

Our Community of Reconcilers continues to grow! Welcome to the Board of Directors to Paul Hamalian and Ken Thompson. Meet Paul: Paul is the Senior Director of Strategy for Habitat for Humanity International. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in international development at all levels: community, national, regional and global. His core strengths are […]

It’s Their Community, Not Mine.

By; Michelle Witherspoon, South Atlanta Community Facilitator Wednesday Night Youth Group in South Atlanta…. At REMERGE we don’t run programs, we facilitate community that welcomes the most vulnerable. Certainly we have programs, but programs come out of reconciliation. It’s Wednesday afternoon and the doorbell rings like clockwork. A group of 8-13 year old children are […]

Joining Lives

We decided to gather together a group of folks who are living their lives through the defining lens of reconciliation. They are doing it in different ways, places and contexts; but they see life as holistically activated by the ends and means of joining lives. This book, Joining Lives: A Primer on the Ministry of […]

The Narrative is Different

  By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator/Trainer   Having lived in a black community and sharing life with people of color for six years my perspective has changed as to how I see the world and issues of race. We always speak and write out of our community. So, what affects the people I love […]

Indicators of Reconciliaton

How do we know reconciliation with those on the margins is happening? At REMERGE, we are always using the language of “joining lives” with those on the margins. This is the language we use for how we are living out the reconciliation of Christ with the vulnerable. The phrase joining lives turned into a book […]

Church right now

By South Atlanta Community Facilitator-Trainer, Dan Crain I have wrestled with what the church should be in the world for over ten years now. I have been on staff at a large mega-church. I have worked in a small church as a youth pastor. I was an intern at a large mega church trying to […]

The Underbelly of Christian Service

By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator/Trainer   There’s an underbelly of Christian ministry and service that we need to talk about. This underbelly is that sometimes we are doing things for the wrong motives. We are helping people, running organizations, ministries, or churches because we are hiding something. We are hiding the fact that […]