Lunch time amazement

Lunch time amazement

I’m always amazed at what Chef Harry can do with the donations that we get in. Today was a Mexican inspired concoction that was nothing short of excellent.

Have pants, will travel

Have you ever wondered why we are always accepting clothing donations at Church on the Street? It’s a fairly simple answer, but it does take a little explaining.  Most of us really don’t think about running out of clothes.  We wear clothes, they get dirty, we put them in the washer/dryer and viola!!!  The once […]

Socks needed for feet

  I overheard yesterday in the office that we are running very low on men’s and women’s socks for the homeless.  Socks are a precious commodity on the street.  Without a way to wash them, they simply have to be discarded after a certain period of time.  I know from my days in the army […]

Girl scout’s sugary mission

  Chef Harry had a great story for me today.  A young girl who is a girl scout heard from her mom that Chef Harry was in need of sugar for the Church on the street kitchen.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and fill the need.   She went door to […]

Homeless in the burbs

  I think when most people think of homeless they think of inner city areas.  They picture a person standing on the sidewalk among the sky scrapers.  These are definitely some of the homeless population, but not  all of them are city dwellers.   I received a Facebook message last night from one of our […]

Update for Church on the Street 11/9/12

We had a busy week.  We had our open house a few days ago.  We were able to share what we do with some local people and businesses.   We helped a lady and her daughter get into transitional housing. Helped 2 other women get off the street and return to the families. Helped another […]

Church on the Street open house

We are having an open house on Friday, Nov 2, 2012 from 3 to 6pm and Saturday, Nov 3 at 1pm.  Please come and join us and see what we’re about and how you can get involved.

Relationships needed

I found these tracks and books laying on the sidewalk down from our office yesterday. There was also a used bottle of hand soap in a bag. Some well meaning, but misguided Christians had a busy weekend. Real relationships go a thousand times further than these discarded items ever will. Come and be our guest […]

Homeless women should not be forgotten

I think when most people think of homeless people, they think of men.  I’m not sure why, just the natural thought pattern I guess.  This means that unfortunately homeless women and sometimes children are forgotten.  Being a woman living on the streets is a rough life to say the least.  They occasionally have to do […]

October Blue Jean drive

Today is the start of our first annual blue jean drive. We take in these donations and then give them out to homeless members of our community as they are needed. We set an initial goal of 100 pair, but we may be aiming low. If you would like to donate a pair of jeans […]