A Simple Meal: The Recipe for Friendship

A Simple Meal: The Recipe for Friendship

By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator   What happens when you share a meal with someone?   You are equals, and each person brings something to the table.   There’s a danger associated with soup kitchens and “drive-by” ministries that feed the homeless; it divides us.   I observed something interesting with a friend […]

This is the Gist

[Immediately after we rebranded Church on the Street as REMERGE a pastor friend and long time supporter emailed me and asked if I could “define the essence of the difference between Church on the Street and REMERGE.” What follows is my response to him in a succinct email. I hope this helps if you were wondering the same […]

God is the builder of reconciliation

By Malcolm Cox-el   Homeless….what comes to mind? Someone who you cannot see the divine? Not someone below the poverty line, Labels just gloss over what’s truly inside, You can’t judge a book when you only read one side, We think we are the sin, yeah, the fall of us, But God created man, just to […]

Be careful of the shrapnel

Be careful of the shrapnel by Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator   Let me let you in a little secret for those seeking to join their lives with the vulnerable; it’s really hard and messy.   Sure, we love to tell the good stories of all that God is doing through what he has called […]

Looks can be deceiving.

Looks can be deceiving by Malcolm Cox-el, Community Facilitator of Thirkield University   Being a young black man in America can be hard at times. Some of the times the worst things are assumed of us before anyone gets to know us.   A friend of ours in the neighborhood used to be the problem […]

Comfortable Silence

When I started working with Church on the Street five years ago the culture of the community was such that during prayer time I kept a foot on my backpack to be sure that someone didn’t steal it. During that time I “donated” quite a few of my personal belongings – a computer, several water […]

A woman that no one knew

  By Sylvia Broome, Central ATL Community Facilitator   She sat on a wall in a park in downtown Atlanta crying, sweating and in pain. She said her back hurt. I offered Advil, to call an ambulance or to take her to the hospital.   She refused and did not speak much. She showed me […]

I’m a hustler

  Written by South Atlanta Community Facilitator, Michelle Witherspoon   I’m a hustler. I’d like to say I’m a recovering hustler but more times than not I continue to see how pervasive the hustler in me is. I come from a family of hustlers. It’s an unspoken commitment to accomplishment and success. Burnout is not […]

Why young black men don’t run with a computer

(This blog was originally published on Dan Crain’s blog Love Neighbor as Yourself) Having lived in black community for five years and becoming good friends with people who are black, my perspective has changed as to how I see the world and issues of racial profiling. A few years ago I had an experience with […]

A Family

We value community. We value community because we believe it is a natural result of reconciliation in Christ. We also value community because we think it can help facilitate family. So in our community we value transparency that reveals our lives to one another, and this is not limited to “others” in the community. In […]