Where Shall We Go?

Where Shall We Go?

Jim Beaty, whose wife is the executive director for the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, writes his own blog.  Last week he posted that …the Task Force had 99 women and children in our lobby at Peachtree Pine last night, July 11, 2014. And Fulton County closed 300 beds of shelter space, at […]

Urgent Help

We have just received word that we will be incurring a monthly $2000 fee to continue operating in our current facility. Historically we have been able to keep overhead expenses to an extreme low through the lavish hospitality of our landlords and our contributions to the upkeep of the building. They are no longer in a position […]

Encounter on Courtland Street

[We are starting a series of blogs simply intended to narrate life with/as the vulnerable in our neighborhood and community. This post is from Sylvia Broome who is a staff member with Church on the Street primarily serving with women.] I’ve been doing Parish Walks for about three years so I am very familiar with our […]

Great New Things

These past few months at Church on the Street have seen many exciting developments. God is doing something fantastic here and we want to share a bit with you.   Pastor Andy was appointed to the International Justice/Human Trafficking Coalition commissioned to develop international and local strategies to raise awareness, prevent, rescue and provide aftercare. We have […]

A Response to “Finding Your Place”

After posting about my encounter with Fred I received this email from our friend Allison.  She was a member of our community when she attended Georgia Tech.  She has since moved away to begin a career with NASA. This really is awesome, and I’m glad that Church on the Street is still somewhere where people […]

Finding Your Place

Fred is socially awkward.  His personality disorder turns him inward, so he normally keeps to himself and doesn’t talk much.  Usually he has his nose buried in his video player with headphones on.  Most of my interaction with him is limited to a simple greeting: “Hello” or “Welcome.”  He often doesn’t respond.  Having said that, he is […]

The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts

The New York Times has an article about the research and new book from Dr. Carl Hart from Columbia University that makes for a potentially paradigm shifting encounter.  What is most encouraging is that it helps us, and other communities like ours, to think even further and deeper about the implications and power of belonging and […]

Not A Homeless Community

Allison is a member of our community that recently moved to Maryland. She sent this letter to update us on her life.  Since she addressed it to the whole community I am sharing it here so that all can celebrate with her. Dear Pastor Andy and everyone at Church on the Street,    It has been […]

Kim’s Story

Kim was part of our community for a short, but impactful time.  Here’s his story… I was passing through Atlanta when I met with an unfortunate welcoming committee that mugged me at the bus station. I lost cash, my laptop, 2 cameras and many important papers. For the next 6 weeks I lived at a […]

Mentally ill and homeless

  I was down at Church on the Street today gathering information for our social media outreach.  During lunch I was walking around to the various tables just to say hello and see how everyone was doing.   As I was going around one of the young ladies, who is homeless, was looking at me […]