Bank Robber: a 20 for 20 story

Bank Robber: a 20 for 20 story

Bank Robber: a 20 for 20 story

[In celebration of 20 years of service we are collecting 20 stories of people and events that helped to shape REMERGE. #20for20.  This story is told by our executive director Andy Odle. It was originally published  September 9, 2010 when REMERGE was still known as Church on the Street. We invite you to contribute a gift in […]

Jerry’s Surgery

[Posted by Sylvia Broome, member of the Church on the Street community and director of women’s and human trafficking ministries] My daughter had surgery in May. I was impressed by the gentle and reassuring attention from the nurses, the thorough conversation with the doctor prior to the surgery, and the visit from the anesthesiologist who […]

Atlanta the Epicenter of Sex Trafficking

In Atlanta there is an estimated annual revenue of $290 million made from the sex trade, surpassing Miami as the #1 illegal sex trafficking market in the U.S. In fact, from 2003-2007 Atlanta and Seattle are the only major cities profiled in the Urban Institute’s latest report where sexual exploitation grew. To give some perspective to […]

The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts

The New York Times has an article about the research and new book from Dr. Carl Hart from Columbia University that makes for a potentially paradigm shifting encounter.  What is most encouraging is that it helps us, and other communities like ours, to think even further and deeper about the implications and power of belonging and […]

No air conditioning for me

     I work along side people that are homeless on a regular basis and still I tend to forget sometimes the challenges that a person without a home deals with.  I don’t think I’m calloused, I just don’t pay enough attention.  I come and go, they come and go, and so our days fade […]

A View from London on the Occupy Movement

Here are two responses given by Rev. Dr. Chris Brittain of the University of Aberdeen in relation to the Occupy London movement and recent events regarding the actions of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  The first is in response to the Cathedral’s decision to have the protesters removed.  The second regards the comments made by the former […]

Occupy Atlanta, the Mayor, and the Clergy

Last Friday I was speaking at an event on hunger in Atlanta. Also at that event was the Director of Human Resources for the city of Atlanta. Her name is Mitzi and she is basically in charge of distributing federal funds to agencies that work with the homeless. We engaged in conversation about, what appeared […]

Craig’s Poetry for Sale

Many of you may have met Craig or at least viewed his spoken word poetry on one of our sites.  Click here for a video of Craig performing his poetry freestyle.  I recently met up with Craig and he has found a printer that was willing to publish his poetry on posters for purchase.  If […]

Fighting the old me

For the next few days I have to drive to downtown Atlanta each morning for a conference.  It’s not a horribly long drive by any means, maybe 30 minutes.  But as I drove into the city this morning I caught myself quietly whining about the constant rain today and the cold and the traffic and […]

It’s all about being, not doing

I talk to as many people as I can about the mission of Church on the Street.  This question almost always comes up: “what do you do?”  It’s a valid question, but a little off the mark.  Do we ‘do’ things at Church on the Street?  Yes,  for instance we have a Saturdays on the […]