It’s all about hope

It’s all about hope

Why does Church on the Street do what it does?  Why does Pastor Andy go out into the street day after day?  Why do groups travel from many miles away to spend one day working with the homeless? It’s all about hope.  Think about hope in your own life.  Hope for a promotion at work.  […]

Whales or people?

I like to watch a show on Animal Planet called Whale Wars.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a group that goes out to try and stop Japanese whalers from killing whales.  It’s a good thing they are doing and it’s also good tv.  It’s kind of like the Three Stooges on boats. It […]

What are the homeless doing right now

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to work in person with Church on the Street, but if you haven’t, I hope you will in the near future. Be warned though, you will think about the homeless men and women that you meet quite often.  The more time I spend either with Church on […]

Are you afraid of the police?

Whenever I go down to work in person with Church on the Street, which needs to be much more than I do, I always come away with some new perspective.  Today was no different. When I got to the park this morning I noticed a bunch of younger people picking up trash in the park […]

It’s easy to forget the homeless

Let me first clarify the title of this post.  I’m not saying you should forget the homeless and it’s easy to do.  I’m saying that it’s easy to forget the homeless when we don’t see them.  Pastor Andy lives in a place that is essentially next door to the park where the homeless congregate or […]

Do clothes make the man?

We all like nice clothes.  At least I think we all do.  You know the deal, make a trip to Kohls(my personal favorite), find those perfect new threads, and head out the door feeling that you’ve accomplished something great.  Now, before I start, let me say that there is nothing wrong with buying new clothes.  […]

The mental fortitude of homelessness

I think when most of us see a homeless person, our first response is some level of sympathy.  At least I hope that’s the normal response.  But have you ever thought about it from a different angle? Imagine yourself for a minute as homeless.  You have absolutely nothing but the clothes on your back and […]

What was your experience?

I know that not all of you that support Church on the Street have been able to come out with Pastor Andy to serve in person.  I would like to ask a favor of those of you that have been out to serve on a Saturday, or whenever.  Please comment here and send us an […]

Don’t let the clothes fool you

Appearances can be deceiving.  In fact they can be extremely deceiving.  During my years as a police officer, I remember several occasions where I would get a call to a house.  Usually for some kind of domestic problem.  I would get to the house and it’s a nice house with nice cars in the drive.  […]

The quick and easy path to homelessness

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the homeless man or woman in the city or on the side of the road and you wonder, how did they get to where they are?  Why are they homeless? I can’t speak for every homeless person you see, everyone has a different circumstance.  But let me give you […]