It’s easy to forget the homeless

It’s easy to forget the homeless

Let me first clarify the title of this post.  I’m not saying you should forget the homeless and it’s easy to do.  I’m saying that it’s easy to forget the homeless when we don’t see them.  Pastor Andy lives in a place that is essentially next door to the park where the homeless congregate or […]

Heat exhaustion and the homeless

Pastor Andy posted this on the Facebook Fanpage today: We received word today that three homeless people have died in Atlanta this summer due to heat exhaustion. I guess I should say first that we need your help to try and stop these kinds of tragedies from happening.  Next, I want to give you the […]


[This is a guest post from Jon Braswell. He relayed this story to me and I thought you should all hear his testimony about Grandpa. Jon has worked with Church on the Street since our inception as a lay missionary and mission team leader. He has incredible insight into the human condition especially in relation […]

Do clothes make the man?

We all like nice clothes.  At least I think we all do.  You know the deal, make a trip to Kohls(my personal favorite), find those perfect new threads, and head out the door feeling that you’ve accomplished something great.  Now, before I start, let me say that there is nothing wrong with buying new clothes.  […]

What was your experience?

I know that not all of you that support Church on the Street have been able to come out with Pastor Andy to serve in person.  I would like to ask a favor of those of you that have been out to serve on a Saturday, or whenever.  Please comment here and send us an […]

Don’t let the clothes fool you

Appearances can be deceiving.  In fact they can be extremely deceiving.  During my years as a police officer, I remember several occasions where I would get a call to a house.  Usually for some kind of domestic problem.  I would get to the house and it’s a nice house with nice cars in the drive.  […]

Not By Might…

We are beginning our summer mission team season. This time is exciting for us because it gives us the opportunity to greatly increase our work with the homeless. Last year our plan was to completely disrupt the normal activity that takes place in and around our community. We did this by placing ourselves in the […]

Creative Loafing

This past week an interview that Creative Loafing, an alternative weekly news source in Atlanta, did with me (Andy) was published. In this short interview I give a concise account of what we do and why we do it. It is a good and simple piece to read if you want to understand what we […]

Letter from Atlanta’s Streets: Jail for the Homeless

This is a guest blog written by Matt Smith, a friend and former student of Pastor Andy’s, after he made a short visit to Atlanta and witnessed first hand the plight of the homeless alongside the writings of Dr. King. Matt is a high school teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a teacher at a […]

The Need on the Streets

Given the sheer destruction and the years that will be the recovery, we couldn’t find it in our hearts during the immediate aftermath to directly divert funds from the dire emergency taking place in Haiti. It was absolutely necessary for our collective gaze to be on that island nation. And it is still necessary to […]