Should I Give to Beggars?

Should I Give to Beggars?

The Burning Question: Should I give to beggars? A Christian Response [This short article is taken from Church on the Street’s latest newsletter] There is no other question that I am asked more often than this: should we give to beggars? What I write here is not an exhaustive account, but a primer for a […]

Why are the homeless so sleepy?

Have you ever wondered why you see so many homeless people sleeping in the middle of the day?  I know that for many of us, me included, our first response is that they must be drunk or on drugs.  I mean, why else would you be asleep on the ground in the middle of the […]

The misery of a rainy night

It rained all day yesterday and through the night here in Georgia.  I was thinking this morning about how miserable it used to be when I was in the Army and we were out in the field(the woods) during a constant rain.  Everything gets soaked.  Sometimes we had tents and sometimes not, either way there […]

Missing the homeless

If you’ve been in church for any time at all you’ve heard of various mission trips and other types of Christian outreach.  I think until one is actually involved in one they are a little out of our comprehension.  We hear about homeless people, orphans in a far away country, etc.  But until we see […]

When the light walks in the darkness flees

My wife, Jodi, and I were down at the park with the rest of the crew this weekend for Saturdays on the Street.  We were all standing around at the park steps where all of the normal drug trade takes place and I noticed Jodi a few steps away talking to who I thought was one […]

A husband and wife perspective

It’s curious to me the things that different people think about the homeless, specifically what they need.  One thing I’ve noticed as my wife, Jodi, and I spend more time in person with COTS is that the guys and gals that serve on a regular basis carry around back packs.  They’re full of various things, […]

Are homeless people a problem?

San Francisco has a new program they’re rolling out to combat homelessness [Atlanta has already instituted this program].  They’re called homeless meters.  They’re just like parking meters except the money goes to homeless shelters.  They’re goal is to keep people from having to give money directly to the homeless.  They can put it in the […]

The forgettable homeless

As some of you may or may not know, I help Pastor Andy and Church on the Street with their social media efforts.  That means that I contribute to this blog as well as the activity on Facebook and Twitter. It’s something that I try to do on a daily basis.  Blogging is by far […]

Bank Robber

One of the most angry and feared drug dealers and addicts is off the street.  His name is Ernest, but he’s known on the streets as Bank Robber.  I call him Bank for short.  I have been working with Bank for over a year.  He has always been very honest and even helpful to me.  […]

Word of the day: Homeless

I wish we didn’t have the word homeless in our vocabulary.  Obviously, I wish it was because homelessness didn’t exist, but since it does I wish there was another way to describe it. The word homeless creates mental images.  Whether we like it or not, when you or I hear the word homeless, we get […]