Heroin and Prostitution

Heroin and Prostitution

Kelli is a heroin addict and a prostitute. She does sexual favors for cigarettes. She has been enslaved by sex traffickers, abused by her alcoholic father, and written off as useless by the world. She is a high school drop-out, yet surprisingly intelligent and articulate. She is ashamed of herself, yet knows there is something […]

Unity on the Streets

An important part of our ministry is to encourage, teach, cajole and provide opportunities for the church in Atlanta, America and around the world to come together in unity to reach out to the most vulnerable of their neighbors. This task is no less difficult on the streets of Atlanta than it is in your […]

Theology of Home

On January 21st I spoke to the Women’s Council of Realtors in Canton, GA. This is an excerpt from the talk I gave there. This talk is deeply indebted to the work published in Beyond Homelessness by Bouma-Prediger and Walsh. …Home, in any meaningful way, must have to do with place and not just location. […]

Winter in Jurassic Park

As the recent arctic blast pummels most of the U.S., Atlanta has not been spared. Although not as severe as other cities in the north, the 5 degree weather is too cold for anyone to be in for any extended period of time. The wind is bitter and cuts right through to the bone. Thus […]

Not Too Late

God has allowed us over this past year the honor of serving His most vulnerable children. He has also allowed us the honor of partnering with you in this endeavor. Thank you for your faithful prayer, material and financial support over this past economically challenging year. But this year is not quite over yet. There […]

Five Minutes to Change a Life

I have been receiving an inordinate amount of emails and phone calls lately asking how to get involved for the holidays or the year to come. Since I received so many contacts I thought it might be beneficial to record a short video explaining to all of our suppoters and sympathizers how they can transform […]

Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie has been on the streets for over ten years. It all started when he walked in on his wife with another man. Since then Charlie just hasn’t been the same. It seemed to trigger a mental disconnect which was probably always there in the background. After some time in a mental institution he was […]

The Problem of Homeless Ministries

When we believed that God was calling us to a particular ministry to love the outcasts, we wanted to first find what was happening on behalf of the poor and homeless already and try to fill in a gap. What we found was both enlightening and disturbing. To tell you the truth, there are many […]

It Does Happen Like This Everyday…

I recently wrote to you about a couple and their infant child that we helped get into an apartment: Greg, Kim and little Jeremiah.  They were the victims of downsizing and that is what started their difficulties.  A long story short, after many struggles, they ended up living in a shady, cheap hotel and that […]

It Doesn’t Happen Like This Everyday…

I didn’t plan on spending much time on the streets Thursday. I was just going over to the low-end hotel a block away from our apartment to check up on our mission teams and take care of some minor business.