Are you shouting in the wilderness?

Are you shouting in the wilderness?

In John 1:23 John the baptist said “I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, “Clear the way for the Lord’s coming!”  Holy Bible, NLT. I read this a few mornings ago and the question came to me, “am I doing as John the Baptist did?”  Am I letting people know about Jesus?  What He […]

Girl scout’s sugary mission

  Chef Harry had a great story for me today.  A young girl who is a girl scout heard from her mom that Chef Harry was in need of sugar for the Church on the street kitchen.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and fill the need.   She went door to […]

Good open house

We had a good first day of our open house. It was definitely a good time to get some early spring cleaning done. We are hoping that tomorrow’s open house time will be even better because its on a Saturday. We will have our regular time in the park followed by open house hours.

Busy day with a service team

We were able to get quite a bit done today thanks to some extra help from students that came to Church on the Street for a service day.  They learned about our mission, how we accomplish it, what it means to be Jesus’ representative to the least of these, and more.  It was a great, […]

Battle on the front lines

    The longer I’m at Church on the Street the more I see the true meaning of spiritual warfare.  There is a true war going on for the hearts, souls and lives of those the are living on the street.  Think of them as the walking wounded.  Living in this condition exposes these men […]

Blue jean blues

; ; You may have seen some of our posts on other sites, but we need men’s jeans pretty badly right now. A homeless person does not typically have access to a washer and dryer. Therefore, many times they have no choice but to throw a clothing item away at a certain point. This is […]

Reconciliation letter

We recently received a letter back from a man that we assisted in reconciling with his wife.  He was living on the street and, in God’s timing, came to Church on the Street to ask for help with getting back home to his wife. We never know how God will use this ministry and it’s […]

Music changes everything

So today, in an effort to continue improvements on our meal times, we added some light music.  I can’t even begin to express in words how different lunch time is now to what it was just two weeks ago.  Between the rearranging of the tables, serving changes, adding music, it’s the next best thing to […]

No air conditioning for me

     I work along side people that are homeless on a regular basis and still I tend to forget sometimes the challenges that a person without a home deals with.  I don’t think I’m calloused, I just don’t pay enough attention.  I come and go, they come and go, and so our days fade […]

Letter from a youth group

We received this letter this week and wanted to share it. I’m writing from the church youth group in North Carolina.  We were in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago doing various mission works, and you graciously took time out of your schedule to meet with us on Sunday evening and share your thoughts on […]