No soup for you!!!

No soup for you!!!

Ok, this is not a post about the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but I’ve always wanted to use that line and this was my chance. So there, I’ve done it and now my life is nearly complete. ūüėČ Actually, I want to try to explain to you what our daily lunch together is all about. […]

The Power of Community: How Daniel Returned Home

*Guest Blog – Dan Crain is a liaison/trainer in South Atlanta for Polis Institute. He is a regular¬†member of the¬†Church on the Street community.¬† He can be reached at When Daniel left home six years ago, addiction guided his path, and he might as well have walked off the face of the Earth. His […]

A View from London on the Occupy Movement

Here are two responses given by Rev. Dr. Chris Brittain of the University of Aberdeen in relation to the Occupy London movement and recent events regarding the actions of St. Paul’s Cathedral.¬† The first is in response to the Cathedral’s decision to have the protesters removed.¬† The second regards the comments made by the former […]

A Day at the Park

Central to¬†our mission¬†is breaking down the dividing walls between persons, cultivating friendship with those the world ignores, and fostering dignity in the dehumanized.¬† We do this by sharing,¬†praying, advising, listening, teaching¬†and providing¬†spiritual care.¬† But we also do this by playing together.¬†¬†Sometimes we play chess or checkers, other times we kick the soccer ball around or […]

Our Friend Steven

Sharing in one another’s sufferings is central to being a community.¬† There is plenty of opportunity for this sort of sharing.¬† So this makes it all the more important to also share in one another’s joy –¬†to celebrate together.¬† Recently one of the members of our community, Steven, who had initially resisted the kind of […]

Thanking you for your prayers

Through various Facebookposts¬†over the past few months we have mentioned and requested prayer for JB.¬† Thanks to your prayers, we¬†eventually reconnected him with his family and got him a place in a rehab facility.¬† This past Friday night I was talking with a friend about¬†how JB’s¬†initial 30 days should be nearly completed and that meant […]

When loving others becomes infectious.

Keith¬†has¬†1 year clean and¬†God led him to Retreat from the Street to fulfill one of his final steps in his recovery. The court and his program required him to¬†perform some community service hours to complete his journey.¬†When we met he was unsure (as many are) how to enter into¬†our simple form of ministry. It took […]

God is Good

What’s Going On? The following are highlights (recorded on facebook over the past month) of how God is transforming the lives of the least of our brothers and sisters… ¬†(Note: Church on the Street is not in the direct business of social services, we are in the business of reconciliation.¬† Thus, what God is doing […]

Does what we say really matter?

There was no healing at the pool of Bethesda until one was willing to step into the TROUBLED water (John 5:1-9). This morning DJ was very troubled and came in to Retreat like a tornado. I stepped directly¬†into his trouble, spoke with him briefly¬†then walked away.¬† After a few minutes he came back and apologized […]

How hard are the streets – REALLY?

Yesterday I reported on Matthew and Elworth and their journey into recovery.¬† Today I have some more info… While both qualified and¬†were accepted into the program no beds were available for them to stay.¬† This is the reality for those who most desire to change.¬† Both have been to college, both held good jobs at […]