Daily Miracles

Daily Miracles

We believe in a living, active God. This is the only way that what we do has any logic and it is thus central to who we are.  We recently announced a new ministry, Retreat from the Street.  The ministry is in essence a holy space, set apart from the everyday, where men and women in precarious […]

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is monday and I’m sure you are planning on buying your loved one some flowers to show your love and appreciation. If you purchase your flowers online anywhere in the world through this link you can also show your love to Church on the Street. With every purchase we receive a $10 donation. Please […]

Craig’s Poetry for Sale

Many of you may have met Craig or at least viewed his spoken word poetry on one of our sites.  Click here for a video of Craig performing his poetry freestyle.  I recently met up with Craig and he has found a printer that was willing to publish his poetry on posters for purchase.  If […]

Fighting the old me

For the next few days I have to drive to downtown Atlanta each morning for a conference.  It’s not a horribly long drive by any means, maybe 30 minutes.  But as I drove into the city this morning I caught myself quietly whining about the constant rain today and the cold and the traffic and […]

The Sermon, Stripped Down

[This is a guest post from Kimberly Majeski.  She is a board member of Church on the Street and an assistant professor of Biblical Studies at Anderson University School of Theology.  Kimberly is also involved in a ministry that enters strip clubs to love and provide hope to the women who work there. Contact Kimberly to find […]

Christmas Gift

I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness in 2010.  Just this year Church on the Street has served over 25 different churches and organizations through our Mission Trip/Training program – that’s over 750 individuals encountering Christ in the guise of the poor and being equipped to minister in their home communities.  We developed a new […]

It’s all about being, not doing

I talk to as many people as I can about the mission of Church on the Street.  This question almost always comes up: “what do you do?”  It’s a valid question, but a little off the mark.  Do we ‘do’ things at Church on the Street?  Yes,  for instance we have a Saturdays on the […]

Thankful Day with the Homeless

I have just returned from speaking engagements and meetings.  Although these opportunities give me the chance to share about what God is doing through Church on the Street and to encourage the church to love the least of their neighbors, it also takes me away from my friends on the streets.  Today I had a bit of time […]

Who are the most vulnerable?

In it’s simplest form, here is the mission of Church on the Street: Living For And With Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors.  So who are the most vulnerable?  If you know anything about our mission you know that the homeless are near the top of the list.  But our mission goes further than that. Here is […]

When the homeless pray for you

I guess any of us that work with the homeless just assume that we’re doing all of the giving.  We’re out there trying to reach as many of them as we can and hopefully show them the way out.  But I learned this Saturday that it’s a two way street. A week or so ago […]