Homeless: by the numbers

Homeless: by the numbers

It can be a little deceiving to try to get an idea of how rampant homelessness is just by looking at the few people we see on the street corner or hanging out by the interstate on ramp.  The problem is that most of us live in a secluded situation where we don’t normally encounter […]

Snow cones for the homeless

Yesterday was another good day at Saturday on the Streets.  Some of you may have seen the pictures on the Church on the Street Facebook Fanpage .  If not, then they include pictures of a group making snow cones for the homeless.   At first glance, you may be thinking to yourself, why is Church […]

God versus the drug dealers

My wife, Jodi, and I went down to work with Pastor Andy and the group at Church on the Street this morning.  Jodi and I got to the park early this morning to see if Pastor Andy and crew were there yet.  As we walked, Jodi and I knew that we were not a welcome […]

The cost of one soul

I hope you know that the mission of Church on the Street has been successful.  Just today I saw that Pastor Andy posted a story of a homeless gentleman that is now going to rehab.  Praise God!  This is not the only story like this. Lets take a look at this from a different position […]

Drive-by Ministries

Drive-by Ministries: def. A group of well-intentioned Christians who, in their zeal to serve the least of their homeless brother’s and sister’s, drive to a section of the city where the homeless congregate to pass out food, usually a sandwich, often straight from the window of the van they are driving. In their zeal, they […]

It’s all about hope

Why does Church on the Street do what it does?  Why does Pastor Andy go out into the street day after day?  Why do groups travel from many miles away to spend one day working with the homeless? It’s all about hope.  Think about hope in your own life.  Hope for a promotion at work.  […]

Whales or people?

I like to watch a show on Animal Planet called Whale Wars.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a group that goes out to try and stop Japanese whalers from killing whales.  It’s a good thing they are doing and it’s also good tv.  It’s kind of like the Three Stooges on boats. It […]

What are the homeless doing right now

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to work in person with Church on the Street, but if you haven’t, I hope you will in the near future. Be warned though, you will think about the homeless men and women that you meet quite often.  The more time I spend either with Church on […]

Picked last

Were you ever picked last in school?  You know the deal, you’re in gym class and the two team captains are picking their teams for a game of dodgeball.  You wait with everyone else on the bleachers praying silently that you won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being picked last.  You would rather be […]

Are you afraid of the police?

Whenever I go down to work in person with Church on the Street, which needs to be much more than I do, I always come away with some new perspective.  Today was no different. When I got to the park this morning I noticed a bunch of younger people picking up trash in the park […]